Discipline Grounds Erratic Energy

Discipline Grounds Erratic Energy

Hey, it’s Jess! You may know me for my curation under Jess Thrift It, or for my custom design brand Energy Angel. I love my career, but I'm so much more than fashion. For the past five years, I’ve been diving into astrology, dissecting my chart, and learning to move past mental blocks that have challenged me. Understanding myself through astrology has given me insights that extend far beyond clothing and design, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you. Astrology can ground unpredictable energy and influence our lives in surprising ways. Astrology isn't a rigid set of beliefs; it's a tool for understanding myself and others better – a language of symbols and archetypes.


Every year, instead of waiting for the New Year to set resolutions, I begin on my birthday. It's a personal tradition, a time for reflection and setting intentions for the year ahead. The morning of my birthday begins with a tarot spread, a ritual that helps me gain clarity and insight. When shuffling the cards, I think about my dreams and what I want to achieve, noting down my intentions, goals, and anything I wish to let go of in the coming year. Then, I select a word that embodies the overarching theme. For my 31st lap around the sun, that word is Discipline.

Discipline is a practice of consistency and focus. It's about building solid foundations, establishing routines, and having self-control.

Consistency is key to discipline — committing to regular practices or routines can ground erratic energy. When we consistently engage in something, we find a channel and pattern for our energy to flow into, reducing its unpredictability.

Astrology is a consistent tool in my life. Depending on current circumstances, my focus shifts to a specific part of my chart. Lately, I find myself examining the intricacies of my personality and relationships; how my emotions influence these dynamics, and seeking ways to temper their effects.


My Moon sits in Aries 9th house. Aries Moons are notorious for their fiery, impulsive energy, a force that can lead to both exhilarating highs and challenging lows. Learning to navigate this volatile energy can be a significant hurdle, one that astrology helps to understand. This placement reflects the duality of emotions – while expressiveness and charisma are my favorite traits, quick temper and impulsivity are not. It's crucial to have a disciplined outlet for built-up energy and erratic tendencies.

Along with your moon sign, you can take a look at what it’s aspecting in your natal chart. Aspects indicate how planets interact with each other and influence each other's energies. My Moon in Aries opposes my Venus in Libra in the 3rd house. This aspect highlights the tension between assertiveness in beliefs and values versus harmony in relationships. Venus in Libra craves peace and balance, seeking harmony in all interactions. On the other hand, a Moon in Aries wants to act on impulse, to be assertive without always considering the feelings of others. This internal conflict can lead to challenges, especially in communication.

If your Mercury sits in Virgo or Gemini – you may have a mind that you feel never turns off, as these two are the most overactive placements where scattered energy and perfectionism live. My Mercury in Virgo leads me to dissect situations in great detail, analyzing every aspect and potential outcome. However, there can be a tendency to overthink everything, including anger and problems. This is where an impulsive Moon in Aries might sometimes clash with the analyzing mind, leading to moments where emotions flare up before there’s a chance to fully process them intellectually.

To temper impulsive emotions, a fitness routine is great discipline.

Beyond the physical, the gym helps in three major ways:

1. Focus: Channeling energy toward specific goals or tasks. Discipline directs energy towards productive and meaningful pursuits. When I’m in the gym, I’m focused on my form and the mind/body connection. For that hour, nothing else exists.

2. Emotional regulation: Self-regulation and emotional control. Erratic energy can be fueled by impulsivity and emotional volatility, this is because it builds up so heavily in the body and has nowhere to go. Burning off this energy, especially during stressful and challenging times, allows for a release. I get out my anger and aggressions on my runs and it fuels my weightlifting.

3. Confidence: Self-assuredness. Following through on disciplined routines gives confidence and self-assurance. When we keep promises to ourselves, it enhances our self-image, reinforcing a sense of integrity and worthiness. I’ve noted over the years that when I feel unworthy, lack confidence, or question myself, I am more easily triggered and reactive.


Emotional growth through discipline and self-awareness
It’s challenging to learn how to refrain from lashing out when feeling hurt, or to temper impulses with empathy and understanding. It can be hard to navigate even without temper, to find the balance between assertiveness and compassion. Embrace assertive nature, recognizing its value in close relationships. However, also learn that a no-nonsense attitude doesn't always serve well in every aspect of life. This is where you can use astrology as a tool to help better understand someone else’s emotions and needs. As always, it's essential to consider the entire natal chart when exploring astrological influences. Factors such as Sun, Rising, and planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars all contribute to the interplay of energies.

Your Moon sign and discipline

Aries Moon: Discipline helps manage impulsivity and channel energy constructively. / Regular exercise routine, practicing mindfulness to pause before reacting impulsively.

Taurus Moon: Discipline fosters emotional stability and security. / Budgeting and saving money, establishing a daily self-care routine for grounding.

Gemini Moon: Discipline promotes focus and clarity amidst mental chatter. / Dedicated time for learning or creative projects, meditation for mental clarity.

Cancer Moon: Discipline provides structure and boundaries for emotional expression. / Regular emotional check-ins with loved ones, maintaining a gratitude journal.

Leo Moon: Discipline encourages balanced self-expression and humility. / Volunteering or giving back regularly, practicing active listening in relationships.

Virgo Moon: Discipline fosters self-compassion and alleviates perfectionism. / Setting realistic goals and timelines, practicing self-care rituals consistently.

Libra Moon: Discipline promotes harmony in relationships and decision-making. / Setting boundaries in relationships, practicing assertiveness, and conflict resolution skills.

Scorpio Moon: Discipline cultivates emotional resilience and depth. / Journaling for self-reflection, practicing forgiveness and letting go of grudges.

Sagittarius Moon: Discipline supports personal growth and expansion of horizons. / Committing to a regular reading habit, setting and pursuing long-term goals.

Capricorn Moon: Discipline enhances perseverance and achievement. / A detailed schedule or to-do list, prioritizing self-discipline in professional endeavors.

Aquarius Moon: Discipline fosters consistency in pursuing ideals and causes. / Volunteering regularly, set boundaries around technology use for mental well-being.

Pisces Moon: Discipline promotes grounding and boundaries in the realm of emotions. / Regular sleep schedule, practicing mindfulness or meditation to stay present.

Moon signs balance each other because they represent different emotional approaches and needs. Just as in any relationship, compatibility comes from what best compliments rather than what’s most similar. When two people have Moon signs that balance each other, emotions on both ends adjust and align, creating a harmonious dynamic.

A Libra moon balances an Aries moon perfectly, and vice versa, yin and yang. A Libra moons diplomatic approach and desire to compromise with fairness is admirable. They teach patience and the importance of sitting with things. In return, the fire of Aries can help a Libra moon be more assertive in expressing needs and boundaries. A Libra knows when to temper intensity, an Aries knows when they need a gentle push forward.

 A Cancer moon also seeks harmony in their interactions, with sensitivity as the undertone, balancing a straight-forward approach. Cancers have this amazing ability to perceive subtle cues in communication, creating space that allows others to feel truly seen and heard through a gentle and empathetic approach. A Cancers gentleness tempers impulses, an Aries fire pushes them to assert their needs – similar to the Libra/ Aries dynamic.

I find the dynamic between my Virgo sun/Aries moon and the reversed -- an Aries sun/ Virgo moon to be fascinating. An Aries sun understands the fiery side, which helps them not feel overwhelmed by assertiveness and enthusiasm. They are practical and logical in their emotions, and their reasoning is just what is needed when caught in a loop of overthinking. A Virgo moons’ rational reasoning and logical approach serve as a calming influence, helping to de-escalate thoughts. An Aries moon can inspire to pursue goals with confidence and passion.

Moon signs that balance each other out

Pisces and Virgo Moons: Pisces' intuition and imagination complement Virgo's practicality and attention to detail. Pisces helps Virgo connect with their intuition and creativity, while Virgo provides grounding and structure to Pisces' dreams and ideas. Together, they create a harmonious blend of intuition and practicality.

Aries and Libra Moons:
Aries' assertiveness balances out Libra's diplomacy. Aries encourages Libra to assert their needs, while Libra helps temper Aries' impulsiveness, fostering compromise and fairness in their interactions.

Taurus and Scorpio Moons: Taurus' stability complements Scorpio's intensity. Taurus provides grounding and security, while Scorpio encourages emotional depth and transformation. Together, they create a balance of stability and depth in their relationship.

Gemini and Sagittarius Moons:
Gemini's adaptability balances out Sagittarius' restlessness. Gemini provides intellectual stimulation and curiosity, while Sagittarius encourages exploration and growth. Together, they create a dynamic and adventurous partnership.

Cancer and Capricorn Moons: Cancer's nurturing nature complements Capricorn's practicality. Cancer provides emotional support and understanding, while Capricorn offers stability and structure. Together, they create a balance of emotion and discipline in their relationship.

Leo and Aquarius Moons: Leo's expressiveness balances out Aquarius' detachment. Leo encourages creativity and individuality, while Aquarius brings innovation and unconventional thinking. Together, they create a dynamic and unique partnership.

Get to know your emotional responses

1. How do you typically respond to stress or challenging situations?

2. Are you easily triggered?

3. What practices or rituals help you maintain focus and discipline?

4. Reflect on a time when you acted on impulse. What were the consequences, and how did you handle them?

5. In what ways do your astrological placements resonate with your personality traits and behaviors?

6. Think about a recent conflict in your relationships. How did you navigate the balance between assertiveness and empathy?


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