Fashion Influencer Spotlight: Ida Giancola

Fashion Influencer Spotlight: Ida Giancola

             While scrolling through her photos, you’ll notice an aesthetically pleasing melody of tanned skin, daring animal prints, & eye-catching pops of color like red, blue, & green. Ida describes her style as “sultry, sophisticated, bold, and eclectic.” Ida Giancola identifies herself as a Dionysian girl, drawing a fitting comparison to the Greek god of wine, Dionysus, who embodies passion, sensuality, and spontaneity.



As someone with a curated wardrobe and a keen sense of style, we asked Ida to advise those of us who need help creating our dream wardrobe. Ida recommends that you “focus less on fleeting trends & fitting certain trending aesthetics, & more on pieces that you actually like. If you want to participate in a trend, pick a piece that fits the vibe but still feels like you; that way, it will last in your wardrobe.”

As a resale platform veteran, Ida emphasizes that you can find anything second-hand. Many of us can fall victim to the “I need it now” mentality, leading us to spam influencers with comments for direct links to buy pieces that are most likely fast fashion. Instead of succumbing to this anxious attachment to instant gratification, Ida suggests not to replicate copy-paste head-to-toe outfits. Rather, she advises you to “figure out what you like about the outfit you’re inspired by & find a unique piece online that allows you to put your own spin on that look. You don’t need to buy everything new when there are so many resources to find it second-hand or on sale.”



Finding dupes for her Pinterest-worthy outfits is Ida’s main gig online. When it comes to influencing, Ida makes recommendations to her followers that align with her own taste and sense of style. Based in Chicago, Ida is one of the few influencers in this technically non-fashion city. Despite the lack of style inspiration in the Midwest's top city, “especially when it comes to street style,” Ida mentions, “it doesn’t stop me from wearing what I want to wear, and I’ve only received compliments for doing so. I would encourage others not to let where they live stop them from expressing themselves through fashion…”

Reflecting on the highs and lows of influencing, Ida shares, “The downside? It can be isolating. When your job is ‘phone’, you crave more real-life social time.”

But for Ida, the best part of her influence game is the community she’s cultivated. “If I can help someone find their style and feel fabulous in what they wear, that’s the real win for me.” Through her platform, she champions self-expression & second-hand finds, making fashion empowerment her mission.


In collaboration with Holy Thrift, Ida has meticulously curated a collection that encapsulates her distinctive style, empowering you to embrace chic sophistication and express yourself through fashion, just like she does. Dive into the collection now & unleash your inner fashion icon!

Ida Giancola is a Chicago-based fashion influencer with over 180k followers on TikTok (@dionysian.girl) and Instagram (@ida.giancola) combined. With her impeccable taste and flair for fashion, it's no wonder she's amassed such a following...


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